Railway Regulations


  • CFF Viseu de Sus is a privately operated industrial railway for forestry and logging, with no passenger transport service. There is no right to public passenger transport services, nor to specified timetables.
  • Travel on tourist trains at CFF Viseu de Sus is entirely at your own risk. The operating companies R. G. Holz Company and CFF Viseu de Sus SRL do not take any responsibility of any kind.
  • The instructions of the train guard and all train staff must be followed. The train guard is entitled to refuse a train ride.
  • Passengers are only allowed in the passenger carriages; it is strictly forbidden to ride on platform wagons, wood-trucks, freight wagons, etc.
  • Hopping on and off moving trains is forbidden.
  • Visitors are not allowed to stay in areas of moving trains, wood loading and logging due to the extreme danger and high risk of accidents. [Stay away from logging cars! Train shunting can happen without any noise!]
  • Departure times, routes and stops of the trains are set by the needs of the forestry industry and can change suddenly without prior notice. Therefore there is no guarantee of specific transport services and travel times, even if such have been published in any form.